COVID-19 Products

COVID-19 Protective Products China manufacturer. We supply high quality Medical Face masks, Hand Sanitizer, Face Shield, Virus Rapid Test, Infra Red thermometer, Virus Sampling Kit… You can download COVID-19 Products Catalog

Glass Clinical Thermometer Flat type for Armpit

Glass Clinical Thermometer Flat type, for Armpit use, in-glass mercury

Oral Clinical Thermometer | TM012C

Oral Clinical Thermometer, Clinical Mercury thermometer

N95 Face Mask

Disposable N95 Face Mask NOISH standard N95 Face Masks | Encare mascara | Particulate Respirator

Alcohol Prep Pad | AS030

Alcohol Prep Pad, Alcohol Swabs

Disposable Coverall

Disposable Coverall Hooded with/without boot material: 50gsm Disposable Overall Suit Protective

Infrared Thermometer

InfraRed Thermometer, Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Medical Face Mask

Disposable Medical Face Mask 3ply | earloop type/ Tie-on type

Sterile Swab Stick

Sterile Swab Stick is composed of collection swab, tip and PP sealing tube, mainly used for sampling, storage, transportation of microbe specimen.

Pipette Pasteur

pipettes Pasteur, transfer pipettes