Wound Drainage System

Wound Drainager WD102

Closed Wound Drainage System

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Wound Drainager WD102

Wound Drainage System #WD102

Capacity: 400ml, FR10, FR12, FR14, FR16, FR18
Package: Peel pouch, 50ea/carton
Closed wound drainage system Carton Size: 62x37x26cm
G.W/N.W: 6.5Kgs/5.5Kgs
ETO sterile


Wound Drainager WD001

Wound Drainager #WD001

Capacity: 200ml, FR10, FR12, FR14, FR16, FR18
Wound Drainage system Package: Peel pouch, 50ea/ctn
Carton Size: 55x34x23cm


Wound Drainager WD104

Wound Drainage System #WD104

Capacity:400ml, blowed, FR10, FR12, FR14, FR16, FR18
Package:Peel pouch, 12each/carton
Carton Size: 36x35x14cm

* Closed wound suction unit.

* Designed for close wound drainage under low / negative pressure post operatively with the option to use one catheter simultaneously.
* Large bellow chamber of 600 ml.
* Redon drain (Perforated) catheter is provided with radio opaque line and smooth eye.
* Easy to use by one person simply open the side port depress the chamber and re-close the side port to activate the suction of bellow unit.
* Available in different size with matching size curved needle to meet to moderate to heavy drainage needs:
* Closed wound drainage Unit consists of:
1.Bellow unit with connectors
2.Connecting tube with clamp and ‘Y’ connector.
3.Curved needle with matching catheter.
4.Spare Redon drain (perforated) catheter.

* Sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen-free


Wound Drainager WD103

Wound Drainage Tube #WD103

  • Capacity: Silicone bulb, 100ml, with 7mm/100mm drain flat. Closed wound drainage system Package:Peel pouch, 20ea/ctnCarton Size:38x30x20cm