Zinc Oxide Plaster Tinplate type

Zinc Oxide Plaster Tinplate type | Item# ZP090

Brief Introduction

Zinc Oxide Plaster Features

  • Zinc Oxide Plaster is a non-stretch cotton or rayon tape with a Zinc Oxide Adhesive
  • Generally used by athletes to prevent sports injuries, protect wounds and help cuts heal faster
  • Prevents soft tissue damage during workouts
  • To protect the wrist, knee, ankle, or other joints of the body.  It can also support muscles to stabilize injured ligaments.
  • Remains intact when worn for a long period of time, and tolerates moisture, even in humid environments.
  • Tears easily by hand along its length and width without requiring the use of scissors.
  • Moulds easily to the contours of the body, making it far less bulky and lighter weight than a brace.
  • Available in Sizes:  1” X 5Y,  2” X 5Y,  3” X 5Y,  4” X 5Y.
  • Packed per Box and available per Case – See Specification Tab for quantity details.

Zinc Oxide Tape is available in various sizes, 2 different colors (skin and white), with or without plastic spool and with two different types of adhesive: hot melt adhesive which is more economic than pure zinc oxide; pure zinc oxide applications require a long-lasting bond.

  • Country Origin: China

  • Brand Name: VIOMED or OEM

  • Certification: CE, ISO, FDA

  • Payment: TT or L/C