lightweight manual wheelchair

lightweight manual wheelchair | Item# FS903LAJPQF9

Wheelchair Brief Introduction

  • Frame: Made of aviation titanium aluminum alloy material, high-load-bearing double I-shaped support structure,
  • Front wheel: 6-inch plastic wheel with high-quality PVC+PP integrated wheel,
  • Rear wheel: 22-inch PU wheel with quick release function, also equipped with two 8-inch auxiliary wheels. When the big wheel is removed, the small wheel can be used for walking, which is convenient for the wheelchair to directly enter the narrow place;
  • Brake: Aluminum alloy brake, rear handle with brake, with parking self-locking function, safe and reliable;
  • Seat Cushion: Colored soft backrest, Oxford nylon cloth, and a 600d canvas interlayer is required in the middle.
  • The armrest adopts movable, which can be reversed and disassembled,with PU armrest pad;
  • The movable footrest can be quickly disassembled and assembled; the high-strength plastic footrest can be adjusted in height;
  • Seat belt: with adjustable seat belt;

Wheelchair Features

  • Aluminum chair frame
  • Solid castor
  • Drop-back handle
  • Quick release pneumatic rear wheel
  • Flip-up armrest
  • With carrying wheel
  • Detachable footrest
  • With united brake

Wheelchair Specification

Total length102cm
Total width69cm
Total high92cm
Packing size (L*W*H/pcs).73*37*80cm
Fold width37cm
Backrest height44cm
Seat depth40cm
Seat width46cm
Seat height off the ground47cm
Front wheel diameter15cm
Rear wheel diameter56cm
Maximum load100kg
Net weight14.5kg
  • Country Origin: China

  • Brand Name: VIOMED or OEM

  • Certification: CE, ISO, FDA

  • Payment: TT or L/C