Laparotomy Sponge | Item# GS010

Brief Introduction

  • Laparotomy Sponge is made from 100% cotton absorbent gauze after cutting, folding, sewing, dying if for green and blue sponges
  • It could be white or dyed, unwashed or pre-washed, with Rx or Non Rx, with or without blue chip, tape (cotton loop), and metal ring
  • Highly soft, absorbent, poison free and could do isolating, absorbing, washing, protecting function in surgical operation
  • with Blue X-ray thread or X-ray chip, X-ray detectable
  • Strictly confirming to BP, EUP, and USP
  • The lap sponges are for disposable use before sterilization
  • Color: White bleached, chlorine free, non-toxic, non abrasive, latex free, clean and dust free
  • Expiry time: 5 years

Laparotomy Sponge Specification

Sterilization: EO or Gamma, sterile or Non-sterile

Cotton Yarn: 40’s X 40’s

Ply: 4ply/8ply/12ply

Mesh: 18×11, 18×14, 19×9, 19×11, 19×15, 20x12x24x20, 26×18, 28×24

Size: 22.5×22.5cm, 30x30cm, 45x45cm

  • Country Origin: China

  • Brand Name: VIOMED or OEM

  • Certification: CE, ISO, FDA

  • Payment: TT or L/C