Electrosurgical Pencil / Disposable ESU Pencil / Cautery Pencil

Brief Introduction

electrosurgical pencil

These devices are designed to be used as accessories in conjunction with those electrosurgical units and electrodes. These devices are single use supplied sterile. Check plug matching on generator base and connect.  Press CUT/yellow button for cutting and COAG/blue button for coagulation. Maximum voltage is not be exceed 90KV peak

Match with Electrosurgical Generator(Unit), Radio Frequency Generator(Unit) and other High Frequency Equipment.

Product Features

Hand-switching pencils are available with either push-button or rocker switch controls to accommodate the surgeon’s preference. Switches have a high level of tactile feedback – surgeons can hear and feel the switch engage, preventing accidental activation of the device.

Designed with the surgeon in mind

  • Slim and lightweight, tapered ergonomic design, streamlined design
  • Slip-proof handling and water resistant Rocker or Push-Button Switch
  • Switch and buttons designed for smooth activation
  • Equip with a range of mono-polar cutting and coagulation electrodes to satisfy all users requirements.
  • With hexagonal shape to protect against inadvertent twisting, the electrodes can be locked safely into place and are easily exchanged and replaced.


Handle lengthBlade lengthBlade diameterCable lengthHandle materialSterilizationValidity
160 mm40 mm2.3 mm300 mmABSEO Gas2 years

Electrical Performance Data

Maximal Output CurrentFrequency ConfineCurrent ResistanceOutput Power
1A0~1.0 MhHz200Ω50~80 W


These devices should never be used when:

  • There is visible evidence of damage to the exterior of the device such as cracked or damaged plastic or connector damage.
  • These devices fail the inspection described herein.
  • In the presence of flammble gases, flammable prep solutions or drapes. Oxidizing. Gases such as Nitrous Oxide (N2O),or in oxygen-riched environments.
  • Do not used monopolar electrosurgery on small appendages, as in circumcision or finger surgery.
  • Country Origin: China

  • Brand Name: VIOMED or OEM

  • Certification: CE, ISO, FDA

  • Payment: TT or L/C