Blood lancet

Blood Lancet | Item# BL1003

Brief Introduction

The Blood lancets are manufactured with the greatest degree of precision to ensure a consistent blood sample for glucose monitoring. Featuring the highest quality needle, a tri-bevel tip dramatically reduces trauma when skin is punctured. These lancets also offer universal style compatible with nearly all lancing devices.

The plastic shield ensures sterility until the lancet is used. Our lancets are precisely manufactured with a tri-beveled ultra-thin tip for smooth, controlled skin penetration.

High quality honed angles add to its superior performance.

It takes a powerful microscope to see the precision of our lancets and you will appreciate the advantage with every sample. All VIOMED Lancets are designed for more comfort, adequate volume and less callous build-up.

Product Features

Closed-base design helps prevent needle break through, thereby helping to protect the user from accident puncture. Protective disk covers the needle point before use and ensures sterility; can be used for disposal following procedure. Ideal for any type skin from smooth and delicate to rough, hardened, and callused.
Standard & Universal size can fit most of the Blood Lancet device hot selling in Medical Market.

Blood Lancet Type

1. Twist Type Blood Lancet #BL1003B


  • Size: 21~30G
  • Color: Blue, light blue, Grey, Pink, Purple, Red

2. Pull out type Blood lancet #BL1003P

  • Size: 21~28G
  • Package: 100pcs/box, 50pcs/box

3. Twist Type Blood lancet #BL1003W

blood lancet twist type

  • Country Origin: China

  • Brand Name: VIOMED or OEM

  • Certification: CE, ISO, FDA

  • Payment: TT or L/C