Recommendation on how to do Specimen(s) collection

Normal Influenza PCR* Suspected cases with Corona Virus/COVID-19
Patient’s LocationMain WardIsolation (NEP) room
Patient to be isolated first before specimen collection
PPE required during Specimen collection1. Apron
2. Surgical Mask
3. Gloves
4. Eye Protection (Visor mask/ face shield / Goggles)
1. Gown
2. N95 mask
3. Gloves
4. Eye Protection (Visor mask / face shield / Goggles)
5. Shower cap (if needed)
Dispatch methodAs per routine dispatch of specimen(s)1. Put specimen(s) into Biohazard Bag
2. Put into the “Red” Colored cooler box
3. Dispatch to authorized lab by hand
4. Ensure acknowledgement by Lab on dispatch book