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Medical Products Manufacturer in China - About VIOMED

YANGZHOU VIOMED is a company focus on manufacturing and exporting all kinds of disposable medical products and medical equipments. Our company located in Yangzhou, which is around 200kms to Shanghai Port. With experienced team, we sold and export variety kinds of medical products and equipments worldwide.

Main Medical Products

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 Five reasons to choose VIOMED as your business Partner

  1. Professional Team

    If you have any problem while using our product, please contact with our Professional Team at any time and we will give you fast response by email or phone

  2. Self-Owned Factory

    Self owned factory by VIOMED will provide you good quality medical products, and delivery time are guaranteed too

  3. Competitive Price

    We give you the most competitive and reasonable price, please feel free to inquire us by email or phone

  4. Fast Delivery

    We can guarantee you fast delivery base on S/C

  5. Longlife Warranty

    VIOMED provide you long life warranty and maintenance, for most medical equipment we sold