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    Saliva ejector | Item #: DT018
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Dental Saliva Ejector, dental products

 Dental Saliva Ejector
(flexible with guide wire)


PVC material, with a good figuration function,
diameter 6mm & 6.5mm, long 150mm, transparent, or white, with blue/white Ejector tip. Smooth surface, elastic tip, latex free, for single use.

VIOMED Saliva Ejectors, "Vaccum Cleaners" for your mouth, are narrow tubes that dentists and other oral health care professionals use to suction saliva, blood and debris from the mouth during a dental visit. A Saliva Ejector may sit in the mouth during a dental procedure, such as filling teeth, or the dentist may insert it into the mouth at intervals during the procedure. By continuously ridding the mouth of excess saliva and other liquids, Saliva Ejectors keep the mouth clear for the dentist to do his or her job. Some companies offer Saliva Ejectors that come with a tongue retractor to hold the tongue out of the dentist's way during procedures.


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